Bluesteel is covered by 10 National Privacy Principles, the NPPs, which are set out in the Privacy Act 1988 (amended by the Privacy Amendment (Private Sector) Act 2000). To comply with our obligations under the NPPs, we have set out a Privacy Policy, which details how we manage privacy in our organisation. Bluesteel takes its obligations under the Privacy Act seriously and will take all reasonable steps in order to comply with the Act and protect the privacy of the personal information that we hold. This policy sets out how we intend to do so.

Privacy Policy

Purpose of the Policy
The purpose of the policy is to outline how Bluesteel manages an individual’s personal or sensitive information.

The personal information that Bluesteel collects
Bluesteel collects and holds personal information principally to provide individuals with Bluesteel products and services. nformation collected could include an individual’s name, contact and e-mail address, telephone and facsimile numbers, date of birth, licence details and other information necessary to establish a trading relationship. This can include opinions and/or references.

Why do we collect it?
Bluesteel principally collects personal information in order to provide its products and services as well as managing and administering the products and services provided. The information collected is to identify the individual, the products and services that Bluesteel is to provide, and where requested to assess an application for credit and to monitor any such credit facility provided, and where necessary to assist in the recovery of any debt. Bluesteel may also collect information relating to promotions or other offers which become available.

For these and related purposes, Bluesteel may disclose personal information to trade insurers, other suppliers, credit reporting agencies, debt collecting agencies, cheque guarantee providers, other organisations involved in Bluesteel’s business practices, an individual’s representative, and as required by law. If you do not consent to Bluesteel using and disclosing personal information in this manner then please contact the Credit Manager, the State Manager or the Privacy Officer.

Failure to provide information
If you choose not to provide Bluesteel with the personal information as requested, we will not be able to provide you with the full range of our products and services.

Access to your personal information
Bluesteel provides access to the personal information that we hold about you.  Access will be provided in accordance with our Access Policy.  If you require access to your personal information please contact the Credit Manager, the State Manager or the Privacy Officer.

If you have any complaints about our privacy practices, or wish to make a complaint about how your personal information is managed, please contact the Credit Manager, the State Manager or the Privacy Officer. These people can be contacted at PO Box 158, Enfield Plaza, SA 5085. Complaints will be handled under Bluesteel’s Privacy Complaints Policy, which will be provided on request.

We will:

  • take all reasonable steps to protect the security of the personal information that we hold.  This includes appropriate measures to protect electronic materials and materials stored and generated in hard copy.
  • generally not contract out data storage or processing functions.  If we do, we will take measures to protect the information.
  • retain personal information for as long as is reasonably necessary having regard to the purposes for which it was collected but will destroy or permanently de-identify it if it is no longer needed.